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Philippines Retirement Agency

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What is SRRV (Retirement Visa)?

The SRRV (Special Resident Retiree's VISA) is a special permanent residence system for retirement.
It can be acquired from the age of 35, and it has been acquired by people for various purposes because of its excellent convenience.
PRA (Philippine Retirement Authority)Yes, Cotoha Real Estate Philippines Inc. is an official PRA certified agent.

Benefits available

One of the features of SRRV is that there is no limit on the length of stay.
You do not need to stay in the Philippines to maintain your visa.
Please consult with us once when thinking about entering the Philippines.


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Price List

Our Cotoha Real Estate Philippines Inc offers the following three courses.

Plan B

    SRRV acquisition
    Provide accommodation in the Philippines
    from application to acquisition.
    This is the most selected plan to support from application to acquisition.

Plan C

    SRRV acquisition
    SRRV acquisition only

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