Are there any conditions to apply?
Are there any conditions to apply? A: If you are 35 years old or older, you can secure a deposit, there is no health problem and there is no criminal record, it will be accepted almost.
How much deposit is required?
The amount of the deposit varies depending on the type (5 types).
①CLASSIC: Deposit of USD 20,000 for those aged 50 and over (USD 10,000 for pensioners) / USD 50,000 for those aged 35 to 49.
②SMILE: 35-49-year-olds are charged US $ 20,000
③HUMAN TOUCH: If you are 35 years old or older, US $ 10,000. However, pensions and medical insurance such as health insurance are required.
④COURTESY ・ ・ ・US $ 1, 500. However, those who are 35 years old or older who have former Philippine nationality or former ambassadors or diplomats 50 years old or older.
⑤EXPANDED COURTESY ・ ・ ・ A minimum of US $ 1,000 per month and US $ 1,500. However, for foreigners over the age of 50 who are foreign military officers with existing military relations and/or agreements with the Philippine government.
Please tell me the expenses required for application.
The deposits you apply for (US $ 10,000 to US $ 50,000) + application fee of US $ 1, 400 + annual membership fee of US $ 360 + our agency fee (Php 30,000) are the basic expenses.
Can I also apply for working visa at the same time?
After obtaining the SRRV, you can also obtain an additional work visa by completing the procedure.
How secured will I be in the Philippines?
Of course, some places require attention, but that is also true in Japan.
In the Philippines, where economic growth is amazing, infrastructure is also being organized at a fast pace and in BGC area where our office is located, it is safe for women to walk alone at night.
After obtaining SRRV, we can help you find a house or office.
Where can I get a police clearance?
You need to have a certificate of crime free issued by the police station in your jurisdiction and have the English translation of the certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the embassy to stamp the certificate.
It will take about a month to get it, so make sure you have enough time to prepare.
Can my family relocate with me?
Yes, it is possible. You, your spouse and your child (up to 20 years) can apply at the same time. You can apply for the same deposit up to three people including yourself but additional application fee will be charged for the fourth person.
Who is SRRV suitable for?
It is suitable for those who want to live abroad after retirement, entrepreneurs/investors who are not restricted to places, those who want to manage assets overseas and those who want to reduce the risk of living in Japan.
You can get a work visa after getting the SRRV. If you are planning to start a business; you can open a bank account and invest in real estate, so you can prepare for the future.
How should I get my accomodation while in application process?
It takes about 1 to 2 months from the SRRV release application, so if you stay in a hotel at that time, it will cost a lot of money.
It is more expensive if you incur hotel expenses. During that time, we can also provide accommodation, so if you are worried about accommodation, please apply for our Plan B.
If I do need my SRRV anymore, how will my deposit be refunded?
After the SRRV is returned, it will be refunded to the designated account along with the interest during the deposit period.
How long does it take to get an SRRV application?
It can be obtained in a minimum of 20 business days from the application, but depending on the degree of congestion, it usually takes about 1 to 2 months.
In addition, it takes about a month to obtain a non-criminal certificate (it must be done in Japan), so if you combine the procedures in Japan and the Philippines,We recommend that you make a schedule with about three months to spare.
I find SRRV attractive, but I am not confident in English, so I am worried about language issues. . .
There is no problem if you do not speak English when applying. The official languages of the Philippines are English and Filipino, and even those who can not speak English at all.
There is not much problem in running a daily life. I don't think it would be a problem if you gradually got used to the conversation after getting the SRRV.

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